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Midwest Management
Group, Inc.
6424 SW Huntoon
Topeka, KS 66615
Phone: (785) 272-8989
Fax: (785) 228-0848

Event Spotlight

* Liquidation

* Repossessed properties in NE Kansas

* 100% financing for rural real estate

* Personal property including:

Antique automobiles, etc.

Cabins, sheds, gazebos, etc.

Art:  woodcarvings:  bears, dragons, etc.

Art:  collections of wine presses, wine barrels, etc.

Project Spotlight

The Vineyards  

The Vineyards is a mixed use real estate development that consists of several parts: Bear Lake Retirement Community, Kansas Heritage Park, Kansas Heritage Market, Tuscany Countryside Villa Estates, Tuscany Countryside Bed and Breakfast, Tuscany Vineyards, Matrot's Vineyard, and Matrot Castle.
The overall goal of the development is to have a destination place in Topeka, KS, to promote Kansas heritage with such unique anchors as the Matrot Castle and the original Matrot Vineyard, to develop an upscale community with unique landscapes and architecture and to establish a heritage market that will feature Kansas arts, crafts, agricultural products and services. 
The developer's efforts have been to bring back the legacy of such historical significance in the form of revived tourism, sales and public interest. All the adjoining developments are part of the unified effort to create a unique, unmatched lifestyle center for the residents, onlookers, and tourists. This center will serve not only as a destination place for leisure activities, it is planned to become an educational tool for children, teenagers and college students where they can learn about their history, practice their skills and apply their knowledge through internships, tours, various holiday celebrations, and casual visits.